Gemini™ Can / Newspaper & Magazine Recycling Bin

Holds two segregated streams of recyclable waste in one stylish, space-saving unit.

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Gemini Recycling Bin is a multi-purpose, twin-liner container designed for outdoor recycling collection. Gemini Can / Newspaper & Magazine Recycling Bin holds two segregated streams of recyclable waste in one stylish, space-saving unit.

Gemini's 492mm depth makes it ideal for narrow pavements, ensuring pedestrian flow will not be disturbed. Gemini is supplied as standard with bolt-down fixings to secure the bin to either an existing concrete foundation or suitable paving slabs.

Design Features
  • 2 x 90 litre steel liners.
  • Self-coloured aperture panels and polycarbonate plaque with Recycle Now graphics.
  • Co-ordinated colour banding.
  • Bolt-down fixings for existing concrete foundations or suitable paving slabs.
Bin Body & Doors: Black, Millstone
Aperture Panels & Banding: Grey, Blue
Bin body and doors: Durapol™
Height: 1100mm
Width: 1020mm
Depth: 492mm
Capacity: 2 x 90 litres
Weight: 36.5kg
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