Enviropol™ 100 Litter Bin

A robustly-designed container ideal for many external locations.

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Enviropol™ 100 bin is a robustly-designed container, ideal for many external locations.

Enviropol™ 100 bin is manufactured from 100% recycled Enviropol™ and Durapol™ materials and is also 100% recyclable.

Design Features
  • Bin-it Symbol in Gold on Black polycarbonate plaque.
  • Anti-burst lock - key to open, slam to lock.
  • Zinc-coated steel liner, moulded plastic liner or sack retention system.
  • Bolts for permanent ground fixing into pavements or concrete.
Slats: Black Enviropol™, Brown Enviropol™.  What is this?
Hood & plinth: Black.
Product Options
  • Liner:
    Metal Liner
    Moulded Plastic Liner
    Stainless Steel Sack Retention System
  • Aperture Flaps (cannot use with Firexpire® Device)  What is this?
  • Firexpire® Fire Safety Device  What is this?
  • Stainless steel stubber plate  What is this?
  • Fixing Options:
    Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts
    Paving Fixing Kit
    Internal Ballast
    Concrete-in Anchor (adjustable depth)
    External Ballast
    Ground lock™ Fixing System
    Flush Ground Fixing Kit
Bin body slats: Enviropol™
Hood & plinth: Durapol™
Frame: Stainless steel
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel
Moulded plastic liner: Polyethylene
Sack retention system: Stainless steel
Bin volume: 120 litres
Liner capacity: 100 litres
Height: 1080mm
Width: 540mm
Depth: 500mm
Weight: 50kg (with steel liner)
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