The Eco Nexus® Cup Recycling Station is a cost effective, space-saving all in one solution to cup recycling and waste collection. Combining four waste streams in one unit, it can help to increase paper cup recycling rates while reducing collection costs.

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The Eco Nexus Cup Recycling Station combines a removable 8 litre liquid reservoir and two integrated cup stacking tubes in the centre with two additional compartments, one at either side, for cup lids and general waste or mixed recyclables.

With the option to add a variety of standard graphics to the aperture and unit body, a foamex sign kit, your own branding and more through our Personalisation Service, this is a versatile solution and its narrow footprint means it can be easily located where you need it.

The robust, moulded aperture is designed to help users to recycle correctly by using the perfectly sized cut outs, which direct users towards the correct waste option.

The correct stacking of empty, dry used cups is considered one of the most effective ways to collect cups for recycling. It reduces the cross contamination which leads to cups being sent to landfill and can therefore reduce waste collection costs too.

This is facilitated by the integrated cup stacking tubes which house up to 120 cups and the removable 8 litre liquid reservoir which enables users to get rid of excess liquids. 

The new Eco Nexus Cup Recycling Station joins the range of Eco Nexus recycling bins. Manufactured in strong and long lasting Durapol™ the Eco Nexus bins are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance during their long service life.

Design Features
  • Moulded aperture with four separate waste streams. What is this? Moulded Aperture
  • Two integrated cup tubes can stack up to 120 used cups. Quantity based on 16oz cups. Stacker takes small, medium and large cups.
  • 8 litre removable waste liquid reservoir.
  • Made from strong and long lasting Durapol™.
  • Integrated sack retention to ensure, clean and neat sack storage.
  • Internal cradle enables a quick and easy removal and insertion of stacking tubes and reservoir. What is this? Internal cradle with reservoir and tubes
  • Hinged lid aids easy emptying.

Body: Mid Grey
Lids: Black
Product Options
  • Rear foamex sign kit with a choice of graphics through our personalisation service.
  • Alternative aperture and body graphics available through Personalisation Service. Request a quote today!
Lid and Body: Durapol™ Material

Liquid Reservoir 8 litres
Cup Stacking Tubes: 120 used cups (Quantity based 16oz cups)
Side Bins: 20 litres each


Without foamex sign kit: 881mm
With foamex sign kit: 1115mm


Without foamex sign kit: 526mm
With foamex sign kit: 530mm


Without foamex sign kit: 343mm
With foamex sign kit: 348mm

Weight: 8.3kg
Cup Aperture Chutes Diameter: 94mm