The TSU™ (Transport Security Unit) Sack Holder is a sack retention unit for the collection of general and paper waste with a compact design and curved shape to ensure minimal intrusion into public walkways.

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The robust TSU Sack Holder is available as a duo recycling unit or can be used individually as either an open top unit or paper recycling unit. It's unique compact design both as a separate or combined unit allows ease of pedestrian flow.

A black open top aperture allows the open top unit to collect large items of general waste, whilst the blue paper aperture is narrow to prevent other forms of litter being deposited.

The TSU sack holder can be wall or post mounted, allowing flexibility for waste collection around your site.

Specifically designed for high security areas, the clear sack enables high visibility ideal for transport, airport and sporting arenas.

Constructed from Armotec® coated steel, the sack holder is sturdy, vandal resistant and corrosion resistant with a durable hard-wearing finish. The bungee sack retention system ensures the sack holder is quick and easy to operate.

*As a guide, the standard, wall mounted TSU™ Sack Holder is compliant with UK’s Home Office Publication No 23/13. Achieving a 3-star blast performance rating, it exceeds Home Office (UK) transport security requirements and has been introduced as the waste and recycling solution at strategically critical transport locations in the UK.

Design Features
  • Achieves 3-star blast rating (wall mounted model only)*.
  • Unique compact design.
  • Colour coded dedicated sack holders to help reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.
  • Can be fitted together as a dual recycling unit or individually.
  • Reinforced fixing point locations.
  • Recessed fixing areas to prevent sacks snagging and ripping.
  • Slim profile with rounded edges for ease of pedestrian flow.
  • Bungee cord sack retention with pull toggle.
  • Durable Armortec coated steel construction.
Open Top: Black
Paper: Blue
Sack Holder: 1.5mm Thick Armotec Coated Steel
Sack Retention: Elasticated Bungee Cord and Nylon Toggle
Open Top Sack Holder
Width: 521mm
Depth: 215mm
Opening Depth: 140mm
Height: 135mm
Weight: 5kg
Capacity: Up to 180 litres
Recommended Sack Size: 840 x 1250mm (180L)
Paper Sack Holder
Width: 460mm
Depth: 168mm
Opening Depth: 70mm
Height: 135mm
Weight: 4kg
Capacity: Up to 110 litres
Recommended Sack Size: 600 x 1300mm (110L)
Duo Unit Sack Holder
Width: 521mm
Depth: 360mm
Height: 135mm
Weight: 9kg
Paper Recommended Sack Size Capacity: Up to 110 litres
Open Top Recommended Sack Size Capacity: Up to 180 litres