Streamline Jubilee™ Mixed Glass Recycling Bin

Offers a versatile solution to the collection of glass containers.

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Streamline Jubilee™ Recycling Bin is perfect for any outdoor recycling scheme where space is limited. Streamline Jubilee Mixed Glass Recycling Bin offers a versatile solution to the collection of glass containers.

Streamline Jubilee's 70-litre capacity makes the most of recycling in tight spaces or high-footfall areas where larger units would cause an obstruction. Streamline Jubilee bins have a unique ?lift-and-lock? slam-shut door mechanism that is totally corrosion-free and interlocks with the bin at three separate points for maximum security.

Design Features
  • Domed hood.
  • Anti-flyposting finish.
  • Double-skinned 3-point interlocking slam-shut door.
  • Concealed knuckle hinge.
  • Mild steel liner.
  • Coloured banding.
Bin: Black, Anthracite Grey  What is this?
Aperture Panel & Banding: Dark Aqua
Bin body and door: Durapol™
Height: 1170mm
Width: 583mm
Depth: 406mm
Capacity: 70 litres
Weight: 23kg