A stylish and durable seat with an all-aluminium construction.

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Alturo™ Seat is stylish and durable with an all-aluminium construction.

All components are treated with an Armortec™ Coating for added protection. The seat is available with 2, 4 or no armrests.

Design Features
  • Stylish contemporary appearance.
  • Components protected by Armortec Coating.
  • Robust vandal-resistant design.
Seat ends and armrests: Black, Dark Grey.
Seat pan and back rest: Black, Silver.
Alturo Seat is also available with Dark Green seat ends, armrests, seat pan and back rest. For more information please contact our sales office.
Seat pan and back rest: Aluminium with Armortec™ Coating. What is this?
Ends: Cast aluminium with Armortec™ Coating. What is this?
Length: 1715mm.
Depth: 550mm.
Seat Height: 510mm.
Overall Height: 875mm.
Weight (without arm rests): 31.9kg.
Additional arm rest weight: 1.5kg each.
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