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Battery Bins

Battery recycling is important, with so many electronic devices being battery operated, the amount that are disposed of as general waste is very high. Batteries contain a variety of toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can cause contamination in the ground and in our water if disposed of incorrectly. Our battery bin is for the collection and storing of used batteries which enables them to then be recycled with ease. It has a small footprint which enables the recycling container to be used in areas where space is limited such as offices and workplaces. The clear body ensures that the collected content is clearly visible and the restricted aperture helps prevent cross contamination.
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The striking design ensures the battery recycling container stands out in public spaces, supermarkets and schools.

As well as battery bins we offer a range of recycling streams for indoor and outdoor use, such as: glass recycling bins, paper recycling bins, multi stream recycling stations, and plastic bottle recycling bins.