Nova™ Storage Bunker

Forecourt Retail Bunker

The Nova Storage Bunker is designed to offer a large storage capacity and customisable shelving, providing optimal display space to grow non-fuel sales. With a compact footprint, this retail bunker is ideal where space is limited. Additionally, it can be situated side-by-side with other bunkers on the forecourt, creating even more opportunities for storage and display. Featuring a unique lockable, two-piece door system for weather protection, vandal resistance and maximum security, the storage bunker body is available in four colours to suit storefront or forecourt branding.

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The ideal outdoor retail and forecourt sales solution, Nova™ Storage Bunker offers a large capacity with a compact footprint. Elevate your sales with a choice of bespoke shelving options designed to help you configure each bunker ready for newspaper, flower, charcoal, kindling, screen wash sales and more!

The Nova Storage Bunker includes some essential features that make it the outdoor storage bunker of choice for petrol forecourts, ev-charging stations and retail environments.

Design Features
  • Compact Size. The bunker's compact footprint allows for it to be easily sited in front of the store, particularly where space is limited. Offers the opportunity to place 2 or more side-by-side.
  • Large Capacity. Store and display several different products of differing sizes. Minimises the frequency of re-stocking, while maximising sales. Holds approximately 60 x 5 litre screen wash bottles.
  • Unique Two-piece Door System. The lightweight design allows for ease of opening and closing, while its durability and robust structure provides optimum security when locked. Additionally, the door features a graphics area to promote goods being sold with a unique integrated rain canopy for improved weather protection (an important factor for the storing of firewood under Ready to Burn fuel certification scheme.) What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Door Opening
  • Customisable Shelving. Maximise your offer with a choice of shelving options including specially designed newspaper shelves with weather protection and flower shelves. Three shelf locations in the unit provide seven different storage configurations. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Shelving Combinations
  • Durapol® Material Body and Door. Durable, robust, corrosion resistant, easy to clean with minimal maintenance and a long service life. Black Durapol contains 15% recycled material.
  • Large Opening. Allows for ease of access to products, maximises visual display and ease of cleaning. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Large Opening
  • Interchangeable Foamex Board Graphics. Display your marketing messages to promote products, brands or store identity. If you would like to create your own branding or advertising boards you can download a template for the full size 3mm foamex board here. Alternatively, choose from our pre-designed options or contact us regarding personalisation. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Foamex Boards
  • Rain Protection Channels. Integrated channels ensure that water runs off and away from the promoted products. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Rain Protection Channels
  • Smooth Surfaces. Provide ease of cleaning, minimal maintenance, and ease of removing/restocking products. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Side View Showing Smooth Surfaces and Side Handles
  • Door Handles. Ease of opening. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Integrated Door Handles
  • Side Handles. Ease of carrying and siting. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Side Handles
  • Internal Ground Fixing Points with Cover Caps. Added security, conceals fixing points, provides smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Ground Fixing Points
  • Integrated Hasp and Staple. Lockable for added security when store/forecourt is closed. Durable, easy to use, neatly stowed when door is open. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Hasp & Staple Kit
Bunker Body: Black (contains 15% recycled material), Dark Blue, Red, Anthracite Grey What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Colour Options
Door: Cool Dark Grey
Shelves: Light Grey
Newspaper Shelves: Black (contains 15% recycled material)
Product Options
  • Rain Deflection Cover Kit. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Rain Deflection Cover Kit
  • Padlock Kit What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Padlock Kit
  • Castor Wheel Kit (Set of 4) What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker Castor Wheel Kit (Set of 4)
  • Personalisation options. Maximise your brand awareness or create advertising opportunities with the option to personalise the front door foamex board, and the upper and lower areas of each side of the Nova. If you would like to discuss personalisation please contact us. What is this? Nova™ Storage Bunker - Areas for Personalisation
Body & Door: Durapol material
Hasp & Staple: Stainless Steel
Display Panel: Foamex (3mm Thick)
Shelves: Phenolic Faced Birch Plywood
Shelf Edge Trim: Plastisol
Shelf Support: Armortec® Coated Steel
Newspaper Shelf: Durapol material
Newspaper Shelf Lids: PETG
Rain Deflection Curtain and Rail: PVC & Armortec Coated Steel
Flower Bucket: Polypropylene
Castor Wheels: Nylon & Stainless Steel
Width: 1300mm
Depth (with Door Open): 853mm
Depth (with Door Closed): 800mm
Height (with Door Open): 1421mm
Height (with Door Closed): 1238mm
Weight (Body & Door): 58kg
Weight (Body, Door, 1 x Plywood Shelf): 66kg
Weight (Body, Door, 2 x Plywood Shelves): 74kg
Weight (Body, Door, 2 x Newspaper Shelves): 78kg
Weight (Body, Door, 2 x Flower Shelves): 64kg
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