Orbis™ Plastic Bottle Recycling Sack Holder

Collects plastic bottles for recycling.

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(Other colors and graphic options are available.)
Orbis Recycling Sack Holders are robust and economical. Orbis Plastic Bottle Sack Holder collects plastic bottles for recycling. Orbis Recycling Sack Holders come with a lid that is colour-coded to match the recycling graphic. The lid closes itself after every use, reducing the risk of waste blowing away when used outdoors. Orbis Sack Holders are supplied as standard with fixings for wall or post mounting. Alternative fixings are available as an optional extra - choose between a bolt-down post for permanent installation, and a free-standing post that can be used in or outdoors.
Colour: Black (100% Recycled), Millstone, Sandstone, Grey
Lid: Orange
Product Options
  • Single or double sign carrier kit  What is this? Single or double sign carrier kit
Height: 184mm
Diameter: 412mm
Overall Depth: 456mm
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