Introducing the Everglade™ Litter Bin

New Everglade Litter Bin is an exceptionally robust unit made from 5mm-thick steel with an Armortec™ Coating.

5mm thick steel is extremely strong, and we believe it to be unprecedented at this competitive price point. Most steel litter bins have a thickness of 2-3mm. For comparison, a newly-minted British pound coin is 3.15mm deep - 37% thinner than the slats of Everglade.

Armortec™ Coating ensures that Glasdon steel products stand up to the effects of British weather. In tests performed in our Quality Assurance laboratory, samples of standard galvanised steel - one treated with Armortec™ Coating, the other with standard paint - were repeatedly impacted with a metal hammer, and then subjected to six months in a salt spray cabinet, a very aggressive test designed to accelerate the corrosion process. In this simulated long-term outdoor environment, the sample with Armortec™ Coating lasted five times longer than the painted steel.

Everglade Litter Bin is available as a 60ltr or 85ltr waste container, in black or deep green, and with a choice of sack retention system or steel liner.

Introducing the Everglade™ Litter Bin
Thursday, January 10, 2013