The Statesman is a large capacity indoor litter bin with an open top lid, ideal for waiting areas, workplaces and other internal environments.

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Statesman litter bin is a large capacity round internal bin with a small circular footprint. Suitable for entranceways, restrooms, waiting areas and workplace environments, the Statesman litter bin can be easily integrated within any location.

The top is removable to provide easy access for speedy emptying.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains recycled content.

Design Features
  • Bin-it Symbol in Gold, Silver, Black or White.
  • Choice of swing top or open top.
Bin: Black (Contains Recycled Material) and Millstone.
Bin body: Durapol™
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel
Moulded plastic liner: Polyethylene
Bin capacity: 140 litres
Liner capacity: 110 litres
Height: 865mm
Diameter: 540mm
Weight: 15kg (with steel liner)
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