Icemaster Manual 50™ Salt / Grit Spreader

Ideal for spreading dry, granular material onto frozen surfaces.

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Icemaster Manual 50 Gritter is ideal for spreading dry, granular material onto frozen surfaces and roads.

The spread speed and width of spread are controlled by the speed at which the Icemaster Manual 50 Gritter is pushed. An adjustable flow control mechanism determines the amount of gritting material released.

Icemaster Manual 50 Gritter also has a directional control, which enables one-sided spreading, for example, to avoid depositing on flower beds.

We recommend that Icemaster Manual 50 Gritter should be used with Glasdon Icemelt™. If grit or salt is used, it is essential that the material is dry.

Icemaster 50 Manual Gritter has a strong, tubular steel frame and corrosion-proof plastic hopper. It is supplied flat packed for self assembly and ease of storage.

Design Features
  • Fast and easy spreading of dry grit/salt or Icemelt.
  • Spinning thrower plate gives a wide spreading action.
Colour: Black.
Frame: Tubular steel
Hopper: polyethylene
Capacity: 50ltr
Width: 655mm
Unladen weight: 16kg
Weight capacity: 35kg (approx. 4 x tubs of Glasdon Ice-Melt™)
Area of coverage: 845m²
Maximum spreading width: 2750mm