Hand Sanitiser Wall Bracket

Sanitiser Holder for Hand Gel and Wipes

A high-quality sanitiser dispenser bracket for mounting hand gels or wipes to the wall in any location. Suitable for 500ml gel bottle (see exact dimensions below). Ideal for use in areas where floor space is minimal, this compact wall bracket is designed to make hand sanitation easy and readily accessible. Can be supplied with a choice of two standard graphics and a lock plate to prevent unauthorised removal. Please note: Lock plate is only suitable for use with sanitiser bottles.
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Placing sanitiser holders at frequent intervals is ideal for encouraging users to regularly sanitise their hands and / or clean down surfaces. The Hand Sanitiser Wall Bracket is perfect for use in corridors, small offices, hallways, lobby areas and any other environment where available floor space is minimal. Typical applications include attaching hand gel or anti-bacterial wipes to the wall within schools, hospitals, airports and workplaces.

The sanitiser wall bracket is manufactured using high-quality Armortec™ Coated Steel, a corrosion-resistant coating which has been specially formulated to extend the life of Glasdon metal products and components. Complete with stainless steel screws for a durable construction, the sanitiser dispenser bracket is available with a locking plate to securely attach hand sanitising gel to the holder. This reduces the risk of removal by unauthorised personnel.

The wall mounted sanitiser bracket can be supplied with dedicated signage available for either sanitising wipes or sanitising gel. Alternatively. we can supply custom graphic options via our personalisation service. Please contact us or request a quote online.

Please note: sanitising products not supplied with wall bracket. Lock plate is suitable for use with hand gel bottles only.

Design Features
  • Wall mounting bracket complete with slotted head screw fixings and white cover caps
  • Designed to hold pump dispensers or tubs of sanitiser wipes with a diameter of up to 85mm. Optional lock plate also available for gel pump dispensers standard size 500ml with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 155mm.
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Two standard graphic options
Bracket: White
Graphics: Blue
For custom graphics, please request a quote.
Product Options
  • Optional lock plate for gel pump dispensers standard size 500ml with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 155mm. Supplied with 4mm Allen Key for locking / unlocking the plate  What is this?
  • Standard Graphics:
      Sanitising Gel Graphic
      Sanitising Wipes Graphic
  • Wall bracket can also be mounted onto other Glasdon products upon request to create a Sanitiser Station. Please contact us with your requirements.
Bracket: Armortec Coated Steel
Wall Mounting Screws: Stainless Steel
Optional Lock Plate: Armortec Coated Steel
Height: 240mm
Width: 125mm
Depth: 114mm
Weight: 0.42kg
Lock Plate for Gel Pump Dispensers: Secures standard size 500ml bottle with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 155mm.
Weight with the lock plate: 0.52kg

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