Glasdon Snospade™ Snow Shovel

An extending Durapol™ snow shovel with an aluminium handle.

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Glasdon Snospade's extending aluminium handle can be quickly adjusted using the twist lock grip.

The large capacity Durapol™ shovel head is suitable for most winter applications, from clearing snow-covered paths to shovelling grit from grit bins.

The ergonomic Durapol handle is comfortable to use, even in freezing conditions.

The compact size of the Glasdon Snospade makes it ideal for storage in grit bins, car boots or cupboards. A stacking channel in the shovel head allows several snow shovels to be easily stacked for storage.

Design Features
  • Extending aluminium handle.
Shovel & hand grip: Durapol™ material
Extending handle: Aluminium
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