Our village gateway welcome to sign is a smart way of displaying village names and speed limits combined, de-cluttering the amount of signage on the road when entering a village.

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Glasdon Gateway is an attractive, lower maintenance alternative to traditional wooden gates used to welcome visitors at the entrances and exits of towns and villages.

While wooden gates require regular surface treatment to prevent cracking, rotting or elemental damage, the Glasdon Gateway is made from Everwood™ Material. Everwood Material has an extremely realistic timber grain effect that will last for many years with no need for painting or varnishing, and will never warp or rot.

Glasdon Gateway is extremely versatile. With three colour options and a wide choice of widths, heights, bar configurations and styles, the Glasdon Gateway can be specified to your exact requirements.

Glasdon Gateway is supplied flat pack with comprehensive instructions for easy assembly. Attaching your existing signage to the product is a simple job, or we can supply a sign made to your specification. If you're not sure about the dimensions of Gateway you need, we can recommend the right size based on the measurements of the sign you want to display - contact us for more information.

Design Features
  • A low maintenance, long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden sign carriers.

  • Hundreds of combinations of colour, slats, widths and heights available - contact us for more information.

Dark Oak, Light Oak, White.

Posts/slats: Everwood Material.

Fixing bolts: Stainless steel.


Height: 1800mm (1300mm above ground) or 2300mm (1800mm above ground).

Width: 960mm, 1500mm, 2000mm.