Children of all ages love feeding Froggo their litter.

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Froggo litter bin is tough, durable and weather resistant.

Children of all ages will love feeding him litter and he is just as popular with adults.

Design Features
  • Key-locking door panel.
  • Zinc-coated steel liner.
  • Location tray feature for correct positioning of liner
Bin: Bright Green or Yellow. What is this? Froggo Colour Options
Product Options
  • Fixing Options What is this? Ground Fixings
    • Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts x3 (A)
    • Paving Slab Fixing Bolts x3 (B)
    • Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) x3 (C)
    • Flush Ground Fixing (D)
    • Ground-Lock™ System (E)
Bin body: Durapol™
Liner: Zinc-coated steel
Bin volume: 70 litres
Liner capacity: 52 litres
Maximum height: 870mm
Maximum width: 735mm
Maximum depth: 790mm
Weight: 15kg (with steel liner)
Glasdon International | Demonstration | Froggo™ Animal Shaped Litter Bin
Glasdon International | Froggo™ Animal Shaped Litter Bin