A durable twin-stream recycling unit.

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Eco Nexus® Duo 85 is a durable twin-stream recycling unit.

Available with a choice of 50-50% or 70-30% lids, Eco Nexus® Duo 85 can be supplied with combination General Waste / Mixed Recyclables graphics as standard, or any combination of recycling streams to special order.

Eco Nexus® Duo 85 Recycling Bin is perfect for simple recycling schemes where mixed dry waste streams can be collected together.

Design Features
  • Available as a 60 litre or 85 litre capacity unit.
  • Choice of 50-50% or 70-30% split lids available.
  • Integrated sack retention feature neatly contains both sacks within the bin.
  • We can provide graphics for any two waste streams - contact us to discuss your requirements.
Bin body: Mid Grey.
Lid: Black.
Capacity: 85 litres.
Height: 886mm.
Width: 527mm.
Depth: 343mm.
Weight: 4.5kg.
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