Combo™ Tray Shelf Catering Waste Bin

A large capacity catering waste bin ideal for busy food areas.

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Combo with Tray Shelf is a large capacity catering waste bin ideal for busy food areas.

The new front tray shelf allows users to put their serving trays down and segregate recyclable waste into the correct bin with both hands.

Combo Tray Shelf Catering Waste Bin co-ordinates with Combo Liquid Reservoir Catering Waste Bin, Combo Catering Waste Bin and the Nexus™ 140 range of Recycling Bins to offer a complete catering waste solution.

When purchased in the black model, this recycling bin contains 15% recycled content.

Design Features
  • Open front aperture.
  • Easy to clean, hygienic design.
  • Choice of graphics.
  • Allows easy segregation of catering waste for recycling.
  • Tray shelf pivots upwards for easy access to door for emptying and cleaning.
Bin body and door: Red, Dark Blue, Cool Light Grey, Black (15% Recycled Content).
Tray shelf: Cool Light Grey.
Product Options
  • Rear handle and wheels kit What is this?
  • Tray restricting bar kit What is this?
  • A4 sign kit
Bin body, door and tray shelf: Durapol™ Material.
Height: 1195mm.
Width: 595mm.
Depth (without tray shelf): 606mm.
Depth (with tray shelf): 870mm.
Liner capacity: 140ltr.
Weight: 23kg.