Advocate™ Wall Poster Display Sanitiser Station

Sanitiser Station for Hand Gel and Wipes

Provide users with an area to sanitise their hands with the Advocate Wall Mounted Sanitiser Station. This large format poster display sign is supplied complete with a hand sanitiser dispenser bracket and a fixed sign as standard. Ideal for both indoor or outdoor spaces, this sanitiser station is extremely visible and durable. Available with up to two fixed brackets for both hand gel and wipes.

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The Advocate Hand Sanitising Stations are designed to aid risk prevention measures, by providing visitors, customers and employees with a dedicated area to cleanse their hands. Complete with high-impact fixed signage for maximum visibility as well as dedicated holding brackets to attach hygiene equipment such as sanitising gels and wipes.

Advocate Wall Mounted Sanitiser Station is supplied with a dispenser bracket complete with graphic as standard, to securely attach one sanitiser up to 85mm in diameter to the unit. Alternatively, we can supply the Advocate with two brackets to attach both sanitising gel and wipes to the signage.

Advocate sanitiser station is manufactured from a tough, weather and corrosion resistant Durapol™ material that offers exceptional strength and long service life.

The large display area holds a 800mm x 1073mm fixed sign. This size provides outstanding visual impact, designed to boost awareness. The wall mounted model is ideal for areas where floor space is limited.

We supply standard, fixed signage with the Advocate Sanitiser Station. However, if you require something else, please contact our personalisation service who will be more than happy to create custom signage for you. Simply request a quote.

The wall mounted option provides maximum security, but if you want to manoeuvre your display sign, then the Advocate is available as a floor standing sanitiser station option.

Supplied with wall fixing kit as standard.

Advocate Wall Mounted Sanitiser Station can also be personalised with additional dispensers or different visuals and instructions on the fixed sign board. Please request a quote.

Please note: sanitising products not supplied with station.

Design Features
  • Includes 1 x Sign Face Kit with graphics and dispenser bracket.
  • Brackets designed to hold pump dispensers or tubs of sanitiser wipes with a diameter of up to 85mm. Optional locking plate (with 4mm Allen Key) also available for gel pump dispensers standard size 500ml with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 140mm.
  • Permanent fixed sign holder
  • Frames a 800mm x 1073mm sign
  • Maximum visual impact
  • Manufactured from a tough, corrosion resistant Durapol polymer  What is this? Durapol Polymer
  • Can be located in areas where floor space is limited
  • Contemporary design to blend with many different indoor and outdoor environments  What is this? Contemporary styled
  • Recessed personalisation area to add your company logo  What is this? Personalisation
  • Co-ordinated ranges  What is this? Co-ordinated ranges
Colour: Mid Grey
Product Options
  • Optional additional brackets for antibacterial wipes or multiple gel dispensers.   What is this?
  • Body Reflector Kit  What is this?
  • Locking plates also available for gel pump dispensers standard size 500ml with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 140mm.  What is this?
Body: Durapol Material
Brackets: Armortec™ Coated Steel
Sign: Foamex
Advocate Wall Mounted Display:
Height: 1285mm
Width: 875mm
Depth: 160mm
Fixed Sign: 800mm x 1073mm
Dispenser Bracket:
Height: 240mm
Width: 125mm
Depth: 114mm
Weight: 0.42kg
Locking Plate for Gel Pump Dispensers: Secures standard size 500ml bottle with height to bottom of screw top between 110mm - 140mm.
Weight with locking plate: 0.52kg

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